Can release: Saturday, May 25th.

Beer descriptions, price, cases, listed at bottom of page.

Our business model and philosophy revolves around weekly can releases. At the onset, Southington has limited our retail hours to Saturdays, from 8AM to 2PM. This page will contain the weekly release details including offerings, quantities, pricing, parking requirements and other pertinent info. See each beer's release information below.

Important: You must present a valid ID and be 21 years of age or older. No Valid ID, No Beer, No Exceptions.

PLEASE REMEMBER: We are a no cash brewery. Credit or Debit only! Thank you for understanding.


Parking Info

Parking on the street is OK.
Parking in our lot is OK.
Parking at ProCaire (across from us) is OK.
Parking at Northeast Mobility is NOT Ok.

Please drive slowly and as cautiously as possible.

19 Cans Per Person MAX. State Law.

First Contact - 7.0%

India Pale Ale

  • Approximately 20 cases

$4.25/Can + sales tax

India Pale Ale First Contact is one of the first batches we ever brewed on our small 10 gallon system back in the day and the finished result was a beer that sent us spiraling down the path of the juicey or hazy IPA. FC is heavily kettle hopped for both hop bittering and hop flavor additions. To round out the hop profile we finish the beer with a huge dry hop charge lending to a beautiful aromatic profile. On the nose, we're getting a combination of orange zest, white grape juice, and tropical fruit. Our water profile delivers this citrusy and fruity IPA via a soft mouthfeel while letting the hops retain their punch.

Nebula - 6.3%

Pale Ale

  • Approximately 20 cases

$3.75/Can + sales tax

Nebula is one of our first Pale Ale recipes which we have brewed with White Wheat, Pearl Malt, and hopped adequately with Simcoe, Azacca and Chinook!

This is our softest hoppy beer yet with aromas of tropical fruits and delightful citrus. On the taste we're getting mango, tangerine and gentle pine resin. Silky smooth and highly drinkable sitting at 6.3%!

Adelaide's Comet - 6.7%

India Pale Ale

  • Approximately 20 cases

$4.25/Can + sales tax

Adelaide's Comet is the literal and figurative sister to Ethan's Comet, featuring the almight and punchy Comet hop.

This IPA is brewed with a heavy pilsner malt base, a high dosing of white wheat (one of our favorites) and flaked wheat for a body boost.

The hop delivery and mouthfeel on this beer is extremely smooth. We're getting dank resin, hints of grapefruit, tangerine, zest and pine. We hope you enjoy it!

If It's Any Constellation - 5.0%

India Pale Ale - Session.

  • Approximately 10 cases

$3.75/Can + sales tax

This is a smooth, easy drinking Session style IPA brewed with Amarillo at all stages of the brewing process, and heaps of White Wheat. Highly crushable!

Watercolors Apricot and Peach - 5.2%

Berliner Style Weisse Beer Brewed with Apricot and Peach. ** Approximately 10 cases

$5.00/Can + sales tax

Watercolors brewed with Apricot and Peach! 🍑🍑🍑!!! We heard the feedback and decided to brew a sour batch with no Milk Sugar. We hope you enjoy! This one comes in with a super clean tartness but really let's the sweetness of the Apricot and Peach shine through. Brewed with malted oats and heaps of white wheat. A fantastic beer for some of these warm spring days!